Writing report cards

report comments

It gets to that time of year again when your are faced with stacks of report cards that you need to write comments for. Fear not – our report comment bank should help you on your way !

Some teachers may argue that a comment bank creates impersonal grade cards but if used carefully then our comments can still provide a unique twist for all pupils.

Here are some tips for their use :

  1. Before you begin writing your reports clear your desk of any distractions !
  2. Take a good look through the report comments in the bank available and decide which ones you like the most.
  3. Think carefully about your students and start cutting and pasting report comments from the bank into your report software.
  4. Change the symbols to their name and gender.
  5. Proof read all report card comments before you press print.
  6. Think about using a school report writer

Comments available

Welcome to our site of comments for school reports. At the top of this page you should find lots of comments available that you can use to help in your report card writing.

Ontario report cards comments

Experts discuss the success of Ontario report cards.